ComfortCare Women’s Health is a life-affirming, nonprofit medical clinic that seeks to engage, educate, equip and empower women and men most vulnerable to abortion when facing an unintended pregnancy.


ComfortCare Women’s Health exists to promote the Value of Life through the Love of Jesus Christ so that the choice of abortion is no longer desired among those facing an unplanned pregnancy.

ComfortCare Women’s Health is a faith-based organization. The heart behind our services leads us to a pro-woman stance as we believe all women deserve access to competent healthcare in a compassionate environment. We desire to strengthen her with education and resources, support her well on the journey, and give her space to find her voice in the healthcare decisions she is making.

True to our statement of faith and principles we adhere to, CCWH will not perform or refer for an abortion. Our services provide education to help her make informed decisions on her personal journey. If you have any questions about our services, please contact [email protected].