Every detail matters.  From the caring staff member who answers the phone, to the warm greeting and welcoming environment she experiences when she walks through our doors. The professional staff, the medical necessities required to confirm her pregnancy, and the knowledge of community resources that will strengthen her for the journey ahead… all of these details matter.

There’s only one way that ComfortCare Women’s Health is equipped with each one – our Defenders. By signing up to be a monthly supporter, you sustain the necessary services – some more glamorous and direct than others, but all significant. Your consistent and faithful support makes a difference.

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Truly, the power of an ultrasound image cannot be measured. But these life-saving images require more than a piece of equipment. They require electricity to run; they require ultrasound gel to be the conduit for the soundwaves that give us those beautiful images; they require specialized sanitary products that give her confidence in the professional services she is receiving; they require extensive training of our medical staff to assess and confirm the pregnancy.

In short, your monthly gift offers her peace of mind – an opportunity to access professional, medical services in a welcoming and compassionate environment, completely free of charge.

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