Patient Services Needs
contact: [email protected]

Medical Supplies:
While we would love to give you an opportunity to buy these directly, the brands and criteria are just too specific as we purchase them all from a specialized medical supply company. However you can sponsor these purchases at the following rates:

Pregnancy Tests

$31 for a box of 50

STI Testing

$15 per test

Ultrasound Detergent
(a required cleaner for the equipment)

$480 (purchased 4x/year)

Ultrasound Testing Strips (cleaning process)

$91 (purchased 2x/year)

There’s also a constant need to keep our kitchen and bathroom stocked with paper goods and cleaning supplies:

Paper Towels

Toilet Paper

Patient Experience:
It is our effort to create an experience for our patients that shows them they are seen, cared for, and loved.  Thus, we like to provide our patients with some items that bless them… just for the sake of blessing them! If you feel compelled to give to this effort, please consider purchasing and donating the following items:

​Candy: Individually-wrapped chocolates

Snacks: Small individual packs of nuts, goldfish crackers, pretzels, oreos, cookies

** What about diapers? We have recently been blessed with an abundance of diapers! So at this time, there is not a need. If you or your organization are interested in collecting diapers to donate, please call us to see if there is a need. Thank you! **

Advertising and Events

Our client outreach efforts are one of the most significant & ongoing efforts of ComfortCare.  We can’t help someone that doesn’t know we exist.  Help us in this effort by sponsoring options that include online advertising efforts & local marketing expenses within our communities.

This effort costs over $1000 per month.  Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in learning about this option and how you can help.

We have many basic needs and monthly expenses that keep our services going.  If you have an interest in learning about those items and making a donation to such needs, please contact [email protected]