Change. The past 40 years of ComfortCare Women’s Health (CCWH) reflects a commitment to understanding the needs of the patients we serve. As desire for abortions grew, CCWH grew along with it. The organization has grown to 3 clinics to hold a footprint for life in the geographic areas we serve. Significant strides were made as CCWH added medical directors and the ability to provide limited OB ultrasounds – a necessary move for women to have a full understanding of the life growing inside. The organization has partnered with local providers, equipping women with valuable resources designed to support and strengthen her on the parenting journey. We added STI testing and treatment as sexually active women found themselves without a free, compassionate, and educational resource to seek answers – an opportunity to serve women before they find themselves unintentionally pregnant.

With 40 years of wise leadership, and the support of our donors, CCWH has been able to respond accordingly each time – holding a place for the value of life. The needs in our community are changing again. In just the last three years, we have seen abortion access get easier and easier. At one time, women could receive abortion pills after an exam with an abortion provider. Then, she could receive them in the mail after a telehealth visit with an abortion provider (in the name of safety during covid). Today, she is given expanded and more immediate access by giving her the opportunity to pick up her chemical abortion needs at her local pharmacy. How far are we from “over the counter” abortions? How do we promote the value of life in a culture of death?

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”
John Maxwell

Here’s how. We look to what we can do to be a light in our community. The relocation to the growing medical community in Augusta County grants ComfortCare a position to push back the barriers (Move Mountains) to life in a very visible way. Our mission starts with engaging women with an unintended pregnancy. This relocation allows us to offer her an accessible, medical, professional facility to serve her. Our mission is to educate her as it relates to sexual and reproductive health. Along with the education we already provide, this new facility offers a more conducive experience and opportunities to expand in this area. We are creating an ultrasound suite for this critical component of her appointment and a lab area for our nurses to run the necessary testing, with potential to expand the testing and services we can offer her. Our mission is to equip her in her parenting journey. The additional space affords us the opportunity to bring services to her – minimizing barriers and gaps in her support. Our advocates will have what they need to create an experience that tends to her heart and spirit – pushing past fears and seeing all of the beauty (even through hardships) in the possibilities. Our mission is to empower her in a life-affirming way. The building isn’t going to accomplish that purpose. But God has opened this door for the next season of His mission. And we boldly step through it.

Would you help us “Move Mountains” for LIFE?

Moving Mountains Investment Opportunity

When the new building was purchased in December of 2022, ComfortCare’s Board and Staff felt convicted to complete the building God had provided. We knew when it was time to move into this building, we needed to be ready to serve, ready to work, ready to grow. Because of that conviction, we trusted God to provide for it and boldly said “Yes!”

As we begin to serve, we invite you to consider how you may be a part of that provision. Please see the financial impact of the renovations and preparation for this new season for ComfortCare, as well as our goals to pay off the mortgage within the next 5 years. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey!

Reception Area
(flooring + paint + design)

Waiting Room
(construction + flooring + paint + design + new tv for informational slides/videos)

Ultrasound Suite
(construction + flooring + paint + design + new tv for patients to view ultrasounds)

Counseling Room 1
(flooring + paint + design)

Counseling Room 2
(flooring + paint + design)

Counseling Room 3
(flooring + paint + design)

Nurse’s Lab
(cabinets + countertop + sink + construction + flooring + paint + design)

Support Staff Office
(flooring + paint + design)

Clinic Entry + Hall Bathroom
(photos coming soon)

(construction + design)

Whole Building Investment
Cost to prepare functions of CCWH’s daily operations
(conference room construction + flooring + paint + furniture + security window tinting)