KISSN is a free interactive, fast-paced abstinence program, which challenges young people to consider their views on topics such as:

Building Healthy Relationships
Love versus Infatuation
Choices and Consequences
The Myth of Safe Sex
Secondary Virginity
How Far Is Too Far?
Goal Setting
The Freedom of Abstinence

These and other topics are communicated through role play, audience participation, and games.

I enjoyed having Lola come here and talk about relationships! She had a lot of good points about sex and the consequences. I would like to talk to her again. I thought about the stuff we talked about all day.    —  Jerome, age 14

Today’s youth are being inundated with the message that teenage sex is normal, expected, and free from risk.

Yet, the problems associated with this lifestyle have escalated with each successive generation that has practiced it.

Sexual diseases, infertility, and AIDS, as well as the emotional difficulties of broken hearts, single parenthood, and unstable marriages will continue if present attitudes toward sexuality remain unchanged.

In order to safeguard our youth and the future generations, we must work together to bring about positive changes in sexual behavior.

Our speaker made me think twice about any sexual behavior. She brought up many interesting and true facts about sex, relationships, diseases, etc. if I ever need any help or advice, I would definitely go talk to her!!!  —  LaToya, age 13